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It’s Time for Holiday Baking and Cooking Again!

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It’s time for holiday baking and cooking again!

It’s Time For Holiday Baking and Cooking Again!

I start early and cook a lot. We all like a lot of good food during the holidays and my kitchen gets a workout! I started looking around to see if I have enough chip clips for all the open bags of chips that will find their way into my cabinet, enough measuring cups (somehow mine always get commandeered for other things and never replaced), and jar openers. These are important to me because every year I’m bound and determined that I’m not going to ask my husband to open the stubborn jars when I’m preparing Christmas meals……it’s just personal. So I end up in the kitchen muttering at the jars under my breath and smacking, tapping, and grunting at the jars. It would be so much easier for my 5 foot 3 inch, buck o’ five weighing self if someone would just get me some jar openers and be done with it. I would never again have to hear, “Do you need some help with that?”

Holiday Promotional Items like chip clips have a variety of styles and uses….(pretty sure I used one once to keep my daughter’s hair out of her oatmeal when she was little). Custom measuring cups are long lasting products that everyone needs in their kitchen no matter how much or how little they cook. And promotional jar openers will have women everywhere thanking your business for saving their dignity. It is time to invest in your business for the new year. Advertising done now will increase business in the new year!

Golfing in Florida

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Golfing in Florida

For decades, golf has been known as American’s favorite pastime, where men, and now many women go for friendly competition, cold beverages and good old fashion fun. According to the National Golf Foundation, golfers played about 490 million rounds on U.S. courses throughout the year. In Florida the golf market is thriving and our local area has many courses to choose from for the beginner to advance play. A lot of these local courses host tournaments throughout the year, it’s not just a seasonal event. Many companies integrate the sport into their extracurricular activities too, whether it’s charity golf tournaments, team-bonding outings or a few rounds at a prestigious course as an incentive gift.

Nobody understands the importance of a relevant giveaway quite like the recipient. Anyone who attends or participate’s in a golf tournament knows there’s no shortage of goodie bags stuffed with ball marker’s, tee’s, chapstick, suntan lotion and so on. Most golf tournaments are local or regional fundraisers, so as a golfer, you find yourself participating in many events with the same people, over and over. So if you contribute to that goodie bag with the same items as every other tournament you participate in, you are tossing those items before even leaving the course for the day.

As a business owner that understands the importance of a marketing item that will go into that goodie bag, put yourself out there and include a functional product that the golfer will keep long after the event, like a bluetooth speaker. The goal is to have people saying – Where did you get that? I want one! Give promotional items that are geared toward women to cater to women players, like a cooler that fits in the back of the golf cart and has two pockets for make up, phone, keys or whatever loose items they bring. Or make the man the hero when he brings his wife a functional gift after being gone all day on the course. Anything to be different.

Need more ideas on finding that perfect goodie bag promotional product, call Linda Smith 941-575-9777 or email us and let’s make your next tournament a standout success!

Win 1,000 FREE Custom Designed Business Cards

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Why Business Cards Are Important
Who would you take more seriously; someone with a home printed business card, or someone with a full color, professionally designed business card?

HOW TO ENTER (Must complete both to be eligible)

  1. Leave a comment on this post, telling us what business sector your in and why you need a business card.
    (Scroll down to bottom of page/post to comment.)
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2-sided, full color, 16pt card stock
1,000 Printed Custom Designed Business Cards ($250 value)
Contest ends April 15th, 2015 at midnight EST. No purchase is necessary.
Contest is open to U.S. residents 18 and older In Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, and Charlotte County FL
Business card design does not include logo design. If you wish for us to use a logo, it must be provided via email.

We use the “old-school” method of, mixing the individual entries into a hat, and picking one lucky winner. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re still not convinced that you should enter our giveaway, click (here) to learn Why Business Cards Are Important! Then ask yourself what am I waiting for?

Why Business Cards Are Important!

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Why Business Cards Are Important

Why Business Cards Are Important!

In today’s business environment, the need to obtain a competitive edge is paramount. In this spirited arena, business entities (regardless of size) compete for the attention of consumers. The resulting advertising expenses continue to mount, representing a costly price for exposure. However, there is one means of exposure that businesses have begun to take increased advantage of in recent years that does not require an expensive advertising budget: the business card. A good business card will be noticed, and product/service awareness is a key endeavor for any business entity desires to achieve.

In fact, what many businesses have discovered is that the business card allows for both a creative, flexible and inexpensive form of direct advertising. A business card is handed directly to the consumers who are most likely to be interested in the services or products of the company. Company representatives can simply provide any party that is interested a card that contains relevant information about a business, service or product. With a little creative ingenuity, a business card will not only promote a business entity, service or product; but also provide a medium to convey the very principles a company wants to espouse (a catchy phrase that highlights a company’s professionalism, for example).

For certain, a creative touch is more likely to draw the attention of business card holders, necessitating a good design. Indeed, one of the very functions of the business card is to help consumers and clients to remember the services and products that are being offered. While the average business card is usually found in 3 ½’ X 2″ dimensions; many card dispensers have taken to set themselves (and their cards) apart from all the rest. As such, it is not unheard of for business cards to feature eye-opening design formats or even unorthodox shapes in order to capture the attention of card holders.

In addition to the creative aspects of business cards; one thing is for certain and that is the positive effect that a good card has. Simply, the dispensing of well designed business cards can directly correlate to an increase in sales/business. Advertising is the key and the business card is a direct link to the consumer. In essence, with a great business card, a company is assured that information about itself and/or its product is in the hand of a consumer. This is a measure of product exposure accountability that cannot be duplicated in any other form of media advertising. There is no guarantee, for example, of how many people will watch a television advertisement or read a print ad.

It is for this very reason that business cards should be designed and produced with care. After all, the very image of a business entity is represented in the card that is presented. A business card, therefore, should be of the highest quality possible. Quality presentation equates in the mind of the card holder with a quality product or service. Because business cards are small, it is important that every care be taken to convey a sense of professionalism and competence. This is accomplished in a number of ways:

  1. Card Stock: The stock of the card is important for a couple of reasons. First, a thicker card stock implies a higher quality material. A card holder will notice and immediately understand that no expense has been spared with a thicker card stock. The idea is that the company represents quality across the board. Additionally, a thicker card stock will insure that the card is more durable and therefore, more likely to be passed on from one consumer to another.
  2. Information Arrangement: A business card should convey professionalism. Therefore, the information that is contained on a business card should be succinct and neatly presented. There should not be an overabundance of information. Details such as names, titles, addresses, phone numbers and logos should be present.
  3. Visual Presentation: The business card should stand out – not in a garish or outlandish manner, but in a way that is noticed. This could be with very stylized lettering; especially printing that is engraved or raised above the material. Colors should be complementary and not bright. The card itself should not be overly large – and easily fit into a pocket, wallet or purse.

In short, the business card represents a small measure of the company, service or product that it features. The business card that is competently designed, utilizing quality materials, and professionally presented; will provide the consumer with the desired inclination to assume the same about whatever the card itself represents. On the other hand, a card that fails to follow this structure is courting with failure. Remember, consumers are very keen to equate product value with the quality of the medium that presents it. Poor quality business card presentation (such as using card stock that easily falls apart) will speak negatively for the any business endeavor.

Without question, it is in the best interest of any business venture to employ the use of well designed business cards. The advantages serve to provide a business with a competitive advantage that translates well with the bottom line.

A to Z Marketing can get you that competitive edge with a custom designed business cards, a business card that sets you apart from your competition. Contact us today, and learn how A to Z Marketing has your Business Cards needs covered in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and all of Charlotte County.

Contact Linda Smith directly at (941) 575-9777 drop us an E-mail or stop by the office and say hello!  (252 W Marion Ave Punta Gorda, Florida)

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The Use Of Promotional Pens To Promote Your Business

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For all of your promotional items in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, and Charlotte County FL. A to Z Marketing is your local source. They are your local promotional product distributor and proud member of the Advertising Specialty Institute and Punta Gorda Fl Chamber Of Commerce.

The use of promotional pens to promote your business are known as promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a nearly $17 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every business in America. Why? Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost per impression for advertisers than almost every major marketing effort like TV, magazines and the Internet.

Today, all business houses are thinking regularly about new and innovative ideas to promote their business and to reach out to potential clients in order to sell their goods and services. One business strategy includes some kind of marketing, advertising and plans to grab customers and have a positive impact on them. Hence, there is a need of promotional merchandise. There are many plans that are used by the corporate s all over the world. The most popular merchandise that creates the brand awareness easily is the promotional pens. You can customize these items with your company name and logo imprinted on them. These help you to increase business sales.

There are numerous kinds of promotional pens including custom ones, engraved and printed varieties. You will get these items in eco-friendly versions. These are used by organizations in different ways. You can handle them out at a trade fair or events, by giving them to new clienteles and to the potential customers. These products can also be gifted to the employees of the organization to recognize the great work they did for the company. These promotional merchandise get circulated through different mediums like your clients and staffs and thus advertising your brand to many people and you do not have to face any challenge.

Personalized pens are used as gift items while you launch one new product or you want to give it to your good clients and investors. Picking these items has been proved beneficial to a company because if these are used appropriately and cleverly, these can make create great business impact across the world. There are myriad options available in the market to choose from. These can be tailored according to the company needs.

These are extremely cost efficient merchandise and come in different colors and styles. There are different choices in the ink category too. These are handy, light weight and can be carried everywhere. Pick this item according to the choice of the company and it is better to do a market survey before you finalize one such item. These are normally made of plastic. However, good quality stainless steel pens are also available in the market. Quite often, these products come in gift cases. So, to impress the clients and to grow your business these devices are useful and play a pivotal role.

Looking for that Pen or promotional product? A to Z Marketing has you covered!

Contact Linda Smith directly at (941) 575-9777 drop us an E-mail or stop by the office and say hello!  (252 W Marion Ave Punta Gorda, Florida)

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Promotional Products that Boost Brand Awareness

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Banner1Savvy marketing and advertising experts know how important branding is in capturing the market. If consumers are aware of your brand, they are most likely to consider patronizing your business. One effective way to boost brand awareness is through the use of promotional products. They can be given away for free or distributed as part of your business’s advertising and marketing campaigns.

You will usually find these promotional products on tradeshows where they are freely distributed. These products contain the logo or brand of a company or business and can be any item like pens or key chains that can be usually remind the recipients of the brand or the company itself. These products are given away for free to build goodwill and at the same time increase the level of awareness of the public to the brand that the company promotes, or to enhance the company’s image itself.

This is also the reason tradeshows are a big hit to the public. The people who frequent tradeshows and exhibits usually look forward to the promotional items that companies or businesses distribute for free. Especially when one gives away unique products, as it stirs the attention of the public that results to an increase in their awareness of the company and its brand. The company also gains added mileage when the recipients start to use the company’s give away products.

Promotional products that give the most profitable results in increasing brand awareness are those products that are unique and creative and can easily be associated with the company brand. It also helps that the products are useful, for added advertising and promotional mileage. For instance, promotional apparel that bears the company brand or logo can go a long way in increasing the public’s awareness of a company’s existence or brand.

With the right products distributed to your target market for free as part of your advertising and promotional campaigns, you are giving your customers –both potential and existing customers the chance to remember your products or services as their need arises. You also earn free advertising mileage the moment your customers use the products you have given them for free. The key is to think of products that can walk the extra mile in so far as increasing brand awareness.

You don’t actually have to look far to pick the right promotional products as you can find several good ones online. There are sites you can visit that are dedicated to providing you with excellent products you can distribute to your target market. If you are running out of idea on what products to give away, you can find certain sites that will help you conceptualize and come up with the right products that can become instant hit with your customers.

With the right promotional products, you get to enjoy the necessary boost in advertising and promotions of your brand to increase the level of awareness of the public. The best thing about it is that while you enjoy constant promotion of your brand, you do not spend as much as you would in conventional methods such as print and broadcast advertisements. Find the right products right now and your business will surely benefit from the increased mileage in brand awareness.

A to Z Marketing has you covered! Contact Linda Smith directly at (941) 575-9777 drop us an E-mail or stop by the office and say hello!  (252 W Marion Ave Punta Gorda, Florida)

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